Vintage Modern Elizabeth Gathered-Waist Dress

Vintage Modern Elizabeth Gathered-Waist Dress
Image from Burda Style

I have to admit, that the best way to look unique is to create your own look. Look at this waist dress, and how it fits so well on the wearer. Not all off the rack dresses can make you look as good as a tailor made one.

However, they cost a bomb if you are not good at sewing like I am, and had to find a tailor, someone trustworthy as well. I spent AUD$30 on a design so plain that I could have just tried to do it myself. Grrr, I am not good at it, but doing home economics did help me with the basics.

I paid AUD30 for basic dress, and aud 40 for the cloth, it is so not worth it!

I do admit that even if you do your own dress, the bill does go a lot higher than store bought, because you have to buy the raw materials at retail cost, and sometimes it will add up. A little silk here, a little chiffon there... matching threads, layers and layers meant special sewing machine needles.

It is a hobby that I cannot afford at the moment...

But you have to admit, that dress looks really nice.

Skin Care: Mustela Hydra- BeBe Lotion

Mustela Hydra-Bebe Body Lotion w/ Pump 10.14 US fl. oz Amazon
Price: $15 to $23

I have been given a few samples for this when it was first introduced in Adelaide, the perks of working in a pharmacy =)

I will not lie, this thing is expensive! Even though it is Made in France and does not contain paraben, phtalate and phenoxyethanol, and boasts to hydrate, strengthen and softens skin.

Using it on baby and myself, it is indeed very hydrating and the lotion's consistency meant it absorbs quicker and you do not need a lot of it. My sample bottle lasted a good week for when bb was about 3 months old.

He had eczema and would scratch, with this at least it was not drying and he would not be irritated as much and I could use it as often as I liked. The smell is pleasant, it resemble's Johnson and Johnson's lotion, but not as strong.

I am not sure about the strengthening part, but I can vouch for the hydrating and softening part of the claim from Mustela.

Ok, so this is not really a beauty product for an adult, but this is actually a good lotion if you are a person who is sensitive to a lot of things. It has mineral oil, sweet almond oil, avocado fruit extract, jojoba seed oil and shea butter to name a few. the downside is that it does contain perfume and cetearyl alcohol.

It might be worth a try, but honestly I think you can buy better products with that price.

Chic Pets

Chic Pets from ELLE
Image from: Elle

 I came across this slideshow from Elle about chic pets, my first thought was: I wouldn't even spend all the time looking after one, let alone decorate one with such flair.

And then I laughed at the grumpy cat photo...

While there is nothing wrong with dressing up pets, I balk at the price tag when I saw how much those beautiful costumes cost! I can't see how I would spend that much money just so my pet could look human.

It costs a lot to keep a pet: grooming, food (have you seen how much a can of Chumps cost nowadays?), and vet fees. If you have pets that shed (like a Siamese cat or Silky Terrier), then you have to pay more to clean up your house.

And to dress up the four legged creatures... nah... not me, ever!

Ok, maybe a leash?

Would you dress up your pet beautifully like them? Sometimes I wonder if these pets are happy to be dressed up in uncomfortable looking clothes just so they could look adorable in the eyes of humans