Nature's Quest Natural Face and Eye Serum

I got this from a health food shop while browsing for bubby's calcium tablets. Nature's Quest is made in Melbourne I think, and it was less than aud$20 so I thought I should try it.

It has: Vitamin E, Rosehip oil, Argan oil, Jojoba Oil and Chamomile oil

yeah, 100% oil, for my oily skin.

What was I thinking? Firstly, it's for the night, secondly, a pump/ drop did work quite ok for my whole face.

This is going to last a good while I believe, for 15ml. It is oily and absorbs a little slower due to the viscosity. I suppose if I am lazy, this goes after toner and that's it?

Since it is still cold and dry I wanted to try this, because my face is getting a little irritated and unhappy. After a few days, I have to say that it is much more moisturized because of less water getting lost from my skin. No pimples too, how about that?

I am surprised, you would think that I would break out with all the heavy oils, but not even a bump! Impressive, this goes to show the ingredients itself can cause pimples, not the oil ^_^

Very happy with this, happier that it is Made in Australia.

Guess How Much ?

Dabrafenib from work

How much does having cancer really cost?

This bottle of 120 capsules would last a month, or more, depending on the dose that you are prescribed, you might not see this in your usual chemist, if at all.

We had ordered this medication after jumping a few hoops, before you start ranting that it is outrageous that people would have to wait for their medication, let me tell you the cost of this bottle:

It is Aud$10,000

and it will be paid for by tax payers of Australia, by Medicare.

You can buy a decent secondhand car with it, or go on a good holiday (with 4 star hotel) with that money. This bottle will only lasts a month for the patient, who will eventually die of the cancer anyway. A car will work longer than that, while memories will lasts pretty long time.

The indication: to slow down the malignant cancer, long enough to settle some affairs, or say good bye.

If it weren't for Medicare or people paying tax to fund the Medicare, we will not have it this good. And yet, people of Australia whinges every time the word 'cuts' are mentioned. They know that the government is broke (no thanks to the spending happy Rudd, who had effectively threw out the money), and yet they will not make any sacrifices.

That being said, the whingers are the councils/ state governments who are so used to hand outs and getting fat through hard working people. Why should we pay for those people to have good meals on our expense as" Business entertainment?"

I'm just whinging, and showing proof that healthcare ain't getting any cheaper.

Strawberry Net Haul

Despite being a little bit broke, I had to find a new eye liner. Mainly because my Napoleon Perdis gel liner had dried up, and I had mistakenly put glycerin in to rehydrate it, the experiment did not go well...

hence.... the shopping, and I ended up buying extra stuffs instead of just the liner.

Will blog about the Matrix Exquisite Oil later, but the Jurlique bath oil is not for me, but for the little brat with soft baby skin.
Bourjois liner
So this eye liner boasts to be very long lasting, I had my doubts because things tend to run on my face, no harm trying if it is under Aud$20, might as well.
This liquid liner applies on easily, even for an amateur like me, it went on without a hitch and unfortunately, this is not a quick drying formula. I found out when I blinked and winked straight after application, yah.. wasn't pretty.

Color wise, the pigments are good, the black is not really sharp on your face kind of black, more muted and I do like the shade of black, if that makes sense.


After 5 hours, you can see a little smudging/ running but not as bad, at least you can see the line is still clearly visible, right? Forgive my crappy phone camera, selfies are not easy with a normal camera at all. I have to confess that I even went gym after that.

Impressive, I am happy with it, except the no blinking part.

Mood Dressing

I'm Blue

New Look cocktail dress
51 AUD -

TOMS galaxy shoes
9.05 AUD -

Rebecca Minkoff quilted handbag
210 AUD -

Teal hair accessory
125 AUD -

I am blue at the moment, remembering that our beloved actor Robin Williams life was so full of laughter it pains me to think that he was battling depression all these times.

True, his journey in fame was not the smoothest, yet he made us laugh. It is often quoted that the ones who are sad are the ones who make us laugh, because they know what it is like being sad. However, I felt that society failed him, failing to see his pain and support him through his time of need.

Don't you think that, in the light of his death, we should try to pay more attention to the ones closest to us? Have you said hello to a friend who has been looking distant lately? Have you given a friend a hug, just because?

While we cannot turn back time and bring back Heath Ledger, Robin Williams or countless other lives lost to battles of depression, we should take steps towards stopping this from happening again, to another precious life, famous or not.

So, take a minute and hope that you will notice, that depression is not just the blues...