Dr Lewinn's Eternal Youth Review

Day and Night Cream
Dr Lewinn's is also a Made in Australia Brand, but the brand is aimed for middle to high range market that you can find in pharmacies. I got this for part of my trial team from Beauty Heaven.

The silver packing looks really cool, but it is not as cool as the contents of this Day and Night Cream, and it is called: Eternal Youth. I really want to look youthful forever, hence my excitement when I was chosen to be a trial team member.

*Cue evil snicker*

What does it contain: Diamond, Black Pearl, Vitamin A and Juvefoxo(TM). Juvefoxo is apparently a compound that can minimize DNA damage. Plus it has avocado oil, urea, sodium hyaluronate and a lot of other ingredients.

Impressive list, so you might not be surprised that it claims to: help rejuvenate & slow down visible signs of ageing.

I am ageing really fast, no thanks to him:
Prince Brat
Running around a brat and having to be under the sun is not fun. Even with sun screen, the damage might be reduced, but there is still some. My pores and pigmentation, ah the pain~

Since we are enjoying the spring weather, we are going out more often, even though we use sunscreen (implying me and brat), the sun's UV can still really cook you underneath layers of protection.

So far I am pleased with the results, because I did not get any pimples and it is effective.
My skin feels hydrated and really rejuvenated, a lot of people commented that I looked well despite me feeling otherwise. The only thing that is new is this jar of cream, which I have only used for almost a month.

It is AUD$69.99 at Priceline.
Definitely worth it, because I am using small amounts at night and smaller amount in the morning, I can see the jar lasting for more than 3 months or so.

That equates to roughly $23.33 a month, which is reasonable.

Food Post: my first

sour dough

This might be my second food related post, but this is definitely my new baby. If you are a sourdough person, you might share the sentiment that sourdough starter is like a baby, needing love and care.

Thank goodness it will not grow legs and run, but a sourdough starter does need certain conditions to grow and thrive. I have to admit that I cheated in making this starter. I used yeast, mainly because I was making bread anyway and did not want to waste time growing yeast at home.

If you grow/ keep it long enough, it will eventually cease to matter, as the wild/ local yeast will take over someday as they colonize the whole starter, as some bakers believe. For me, yeast from a packet can still be fed and made into sourdough, it is alive!

You can grow it like Egyptians 3000 years ago and try to colonize wild yeast in the air; or use raisin's natural yeast, but once you have the frothy yeast growing, you have to remember to nourish it with food, if not it will grow ugly and die.

How to know that you have done a good job? It will look like what I have up, and it will smell a lot like beer (alcohol). My baby is almost 1 month old now, so this is also a Full Moon Post.

Please do not ask me anything about sourdough, like you, I am also an amateur and whatever I know came from places like Youtube and Google. But my moderate success has yet to be seen in a bread.

Surprise in Post

Look what I have got as a surprise in my post today:

4 items from Retail Pharmacy Magazine, courtesy of People Plants. This brand is Australian Made, Cruelty Free and Certified Organic.

For those who are questioning the difference, let me link you to the ACO (Australian Certified Organic) website, which will detail how you go about applying for a product to be certified as organic.

For those who are really interested in this aspect of their daily skincare, People Plants have a big range of items that would suit almost any needs. And I have been sent these to try out of myself and hopefully have a chance to review them in the future.

Don't hold your breath, I am not someone who use and leaves them for later, I finish what I have before opening a new product. Once you open them and air gets in, generally the product will start to denature/ loose its potency through oxidation. I don't want that to happen .

Face Scrub

Day Cream

Face Oil

I also like that fact that each packaging has its own routine list. Of course we all know that it is guide, but a good reminder of the things we should be using in our own daily beauty routine. A little disappointed that SUNSCREEN is not on there.

Excited! Stay tuned for more in the future.

Labour Day Ad

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Summer is Coming! Is Your Body Ready?

Uriage from Beauty Heaven
Summer is Coming! Are you ready, buff up the body, slough off those dead cells! I am sure a lot of beauty blogs and beauty places will be reminding you of your impending beach bod readiness. I share the same sentiment, especially when I have been spotting some ingrown hairs and snake-scale-like patterns on my ankles.

No choice but to exfoliate, but I am putting off buying an exfoliating mitt or loofah yet, because I have been lazy. Winter is cold and you know, who would look under layers of clothing once you put them on.

But summer man, is different, you want shorts, skirts and those really pretty outfits that can show off your legs (if you have pretty legs, unlike mine) or just not look like an ape when your pants/ trousers accidentally get pulled up.

I have got Uriage exfoliate for sensitive skin. It is gel with beads in it, and it contains AHA, which means it would pay to massage, so it is a mechanical and a mild chemical exfoliate. Thanks to BeautyHeaven, I had the opportunity to try this, I don't really know where to buy them yet.

It works really well, since it wasn't cold I could turn off the shower and do a quick rub down before rinsing it off. It is gentle on skin, but does its job well enough.

Cocoa Butter From Woolies
After that, moisturize!
Here I managed to buy this Palmer's Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E from Woolworth's clearance bin. This sweet jar cost about AUD$7 from AUD$14.99.

What a bargain, it is hydrating and as you can see: no parabens, phlates, fragrance and color.

Love it, I even use it on the little brat.
You do not need much, because the cream is thick and you just work it in after shower.

Birthday Present
On the side note: I have finished my KORA's cream exfoliate. I wouldn't recommend it. I did not like the cream texture and I felt like it has not done a good job with exfoliating my skin.

Although it does not dry out my skin so badly, but I would keep on using Uriage and see if it is a better product.

For the price tag, I suppose it is up to you, as KORA is an organic brand by Miranda Kerr. But I think it is just an overpriced item.