Fashion Wednesday: BB CK's hat picking tips

I don't like this hat @ playgroup

Hats are not just accessories, it is important because babies like us need to keep our head warm, that is how we lose our body heat. Just because we are boys does not mean we have to suffer the likes of boring hats right?

This is me with a nice baby straw fedora, we saw this at Target and frankly I think it makes me look a bit mature. Although I look dashing in it,
Crazy mommy's at it again! putting on cute hats on me, see this panda faced bucket cap really makes me look like a little baby.
There! I have shifted the cap so I look more mature this way, nothing I can do with those ears though

This one protects me against rays of the run. It is white so mommy really hates it when I try to throw it onto the floor. Can you blame me?
This thing is so boring, and big. She definitely got this a few sizes too big in my humble opinion.

Play group 

And if you like haute couture, try out this really awesome dinosaur head gear. Yeah, T- rex is eating my head and I am loving it.

I even threw in some red paint to show that I was  bleeding.

Or.. a crown. This Hungry Jack's paper crown made me feel like royalty. Of course, I am expecting you to bow down to me any moment now.

There! Here are my baby's tips in choosing the best hat:
1. Pick one that suits your style, throw the rest on the floor to show your displeasure
2. Style must suit personality and outfit, to hell with those one design fits all hats
3. Be bold and be daring, we are only babies once.

Beauty Thursday: Nail Polish 1 Colour Theory

sample for Sigma
First of all, Thank you Rachel Kosmala from Sigma who had arranged to send me these samples. Boots Laboratories' Optiva Aqua- Capture Serum and Colour Theory nail polish.

HoHo, I can't wait to try the nail polish, it has been a long long while since I had my nails done.

You know, when you have a kid who messes up things frequently and cleaning is part of your daily routine, nail painting is like the least important thing in a manicure right now.

All I get to do is scrub with hand scrub (luxurious Natio brand) and hand cream in bucketloads (come back to this later)
crappy work =(

You must forgive my shoddy handiwork for I am very rusty. This colour is ... Purple Rain and guess what?
This is Made in Australia
Woo Hoo! If you are a proud supporter of Australian brand this is one to go for.

As you can see, the colour in the bottle closely matches the color of my fingers. And it looks pretty isn't it? I like it over all, and this is only after 1 coat.

If you are looking for lasting, I am sorry I am not the best at that, seeing that I am constantly working with my hands it might not last as long as it should =(

bubby wants a go
I should have done this while bubby is asleep, but with a once daily nap it is almost impossible to cram a lot of things in the 1-2 hour nap.

While I was trying to paint my nails while he is not looking, I failed because he was looking and within 5 seconds tried to grab the bottle.

No, he didn't topple the thing, I painted his nails and he didn't like the idea as much. But I got 2 nails painted before he lost patience and tried to run away.


poor kid.

Medication Tuesday: Novel Anticoagulants

Meds from work

Warfarin, at mere mention of the name, many people will scream: "eek! why are you giving me rat poison?" Sadly, even rats are immune against this particular type of poison now.

Yes yes, warfarin is poisonous, its predecessor, coumarin did kill a lot of cows. The anticoagulant effect was found when a bunch of cows ate spoiled sweet clover and died from hemorrhage. Thanks to that, warfarin has been an effective medication of choice of a while, as drug companies search for better alternatives.

In Australia, warfarin is given a very special status in Pharmacy. When you first start on it, doctors and pharmacists will give you a good education about the medication. Not in general, from what it does to what happens when you start bruising, everything, what to eat, what to avoid. Most will advice using a medication card to document all the medications that are being used.

The trouble with warfarin, is that it is easily affected by parameters within control. If you feel like a vegetable binge, don't, it makes the medication work less well. Thinking of starting a new medication? Check the list of yes or no meds to pair with warfarin.

Why the hell are we still using it then?
Because we are so damn good at it, that's why!

Think about it, at mention that you are bleeding and you are taking warfarin, paramedics will triage you to top priority. We even have an antidote if you were to try to kill yourself taking too much warfarin.

Oh, the health professionals here are super comfortable at using warfarin. We have INR machines that give a good reading in seconds and dose adjust when necessary. We have plans in place, and all the students in pharmacy and med school can pretty much recite all the effects of warfarin.

The main thing is, it is a lot of work. It is not the easiest medication to use and manage, but all these years we make do because it is our only option if you want to swallow a pill. Using injection, we will have slightly less problems but who wants to jab themselves every twice a day?

Then why are we graduating to new, novel anticoagulants?
First thing is, we do not have to measure INR or how long the blood takes to coagulate. Because it works a different pathway than warfarin, we can be pretty sure that it will not overdo it.

Then it works within the hour, in contrast with warfarin that takes 3 days to start having the desired effect. Using the new one (like apixaban or Eliquis), you can be confident that you will be covered within a day, which is ideal because that means you will get kicked out *ahem* discharged from the hospital sooner.

Plus, you don't have to alter doses to suit your INR. It is a one dose one tablet once or twice a day regimen. Easy as. In Australia, it is subsidized for people with the correct criteria. If not, get ready to pay through the nose.

Warfarin, a bottle of 50 tablets costs less than $20 if you shop around. The newer ones are about $10 per tablet for a month's worth of supply. Little surprise when Medicare slaps a streamline criteria on it, and less surprise when people complain that they are not covered by Medicare.

Being novel means the company is trying to recoup the money they dumped into developing these new stuffs, so it will be another 20-30 years before we see it becoming cheaper.

Did I mention the main side effect of all these?
They all cause bleeds, and if your blood is thin enough you might have an internal bleed and you will probably hemorrhage to death that day. If it happens in the brain you are screwed, fortunately the newer ones tend to do it lesser than warfarin. Another reason to use the new agents.

If you have a choice, which one would you pick?

Exercise Monday: Train with Pro

benches @ gym
At a lost of how to use these things?
What are the benches for?
How do you differentiate between equipment to use with the multi-station?

The horrifying thing about going to the gym for the first time, is that you have no idea what to do. Plus looking at everyone else who seems to know what they are doing really sets you back a few steps.

Confidence is also key to a good workout, you have to be confident that you can do it, if not, how can you maximize your work out?

Truth is, I have never been good with equipment or free weights, but since I was not a parent (which translate as more money to burn), I got a personal trainer to get my ready for my wedding

handles for multistation
A good PT helps you not only with your workout, but diet as well. But I did not utilize the diet part, because I was hesitant, plus I like my curries more than losing weight.

Long story short, it is a good investment on my part. Mainly because later I found out, from my trainer, my physiotherapist and chiropractor that I am extremely flexible/ hypermobile.

It might sound like a good thing, but no I cannot do splits. I am more prone to injury because my muscles are not strong enough to keep my joints working properly.
In addition to that, my knees hurt after I work out without caring about my form. Which is a big no-no when it comes to working with weights.

If you can afford it, personal trainers are a good way to keep motivated and learning more exercises. I keep a PT because sometimes I cheat and my form falls apart, which is not advisable if your joints are lax. But sometimes I wish they are a little bit cheaper.
Now they cost more than $1 a minute! Gah

Beauty Thursday: Lierac Mesolift Serum

I have finished this bottle and contemplating if I should buy bottle number two.

Lierac Mesolift contains:
Blood- orange extract, vitamins A, C, E, B5, B6; calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc and hyaluronic acid.

Blood-orange extract for its energizing and detoxifying properties and the cocktail of vitamins and minerals helps energize and replump the skin, for a glowing, radiant complexion.

The bottle lightly smells of orange and the texture of the serum is a medium viscous liquid. I like to warm it up and pat it on my face after washing my face. Sometimes I use it alternate with the John Masters serum and they work well together.

After finishing the bottle I do notice that my face has a better glow and not so tired looking. However I did experience some light break outs, not the full on big pimples, when I first started. Granted my skin is a little bit on the over-reactive side but after 1 week it settled down nicely.

For around Aud$60, it might not be the most expensive serum you would ever use, I remember Clinique's Laser Corrective serum sells for a lot more. It also lasted me around the same time as John Master's Serum, which is 2.5 months give or take.

That equates to less than Aud$30 per month and it works wonderfully for me. Hmm, might look for it during sales again ^_^